Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm super happy today!

I meet my bf today-lots of fun..see Terminator Salvation movie, crave pizza, and walk at park..for me, a great time is when my loved one is right beside me and he agreed with the plan..consideration is the most important thing- yeah, to avoid any hard feeling..its silly when sometimes we don't meet into conclusion:
my bf ask,'where is our destination?'
'dunno,no idea..u hv plan?'i replied.
then he said,'i also dunno'
lastly, we laugh n follow our cute

I think that a great relationship is when both parties have good consideration and know what is better for two..and of course, lots of love! There Ms Lovey Dovey Diana is back- lol

Enough with my outing, my happy day continue with my new shawls from's really pretty and ohh-gorgeous color! And a very big thanks to awg because give me three u,dear!..i promise i'll wear them..

"My happy day is when my surrounding is happy too.."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SHAWL and its attraction on ME

guess wht??i calculate my monies to buy all nice shawl

i'm crazy on nice and sweet shawls...i love shawl that has abstract design and hv more than one color like orange mix with green and yellow...i have browsing and also ... those are two websites that have grabbed my intention to buy it...Shawlchantek has variety of shawl-plain shawl, flowery motif and abstract but some of it has been SOLD OUT..sigh-maybe next time i should be more alert-...hihih...Shawls2u have a nice detailing of shawl- ada batu2 gituh!!...

here some shawl that grabbed my attention!!...