Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Throwback 9 years ago: Camping at Teluk Muroh, Lumut, Perak

Last Friday (15th August 2008), the date where I went for IIUM recreation club's practical outing. ..The destination for second level of recreation club is Teluk Muroh, Perak... The distance would be 6.5km from Kuala Lumpur...Teluk Muroh or Teluk Batik is the place where suitable for jungle trekking and water maniac lover. We depart at 12.00 am after loading our belongings and also foods for our 2 days and 1 night there...Things that really important to bring for this camping would be torch light, compass, knife, good shoes and lots of mineral water.

Saturday (16th August 2008), we arrived at Teluk Muroh about 5.30 am...we were really tired when we reach there, now we have to force ourselves to start walking into the jungle...The place that we heading are Tropical Challenge, Hutan Rizab Teluk Muroh...its about 160metres from water...we unloading our things and because of darkness, we have to be very careful where we have to carry down our things...then we're having our briefing by trainers and divided to camp site. We're so tired and take rest for a while before starting our activities for today.

At 7.30am we wake up and having our breakfast and we starts our first tentative- jungle trekking at 8.30am. My group consists of 7 girls, 6 Malaysian and 1 from Bosnian...we start our trekking by following the water sources flow...our task is getting to the peak 300m from water to pick for the first checkpoint and getting down to the 160m before climbing again to the 300m for our next check point. because of wetness and leaves, we have difficulty in reaching to the highest peak...the most difficulty moment is when we have to hike 60 degrees steep...we have been climbing for 2 hours to get our the second peak, the trainer in-charge told us that we are the first group that reach at the top...we were very happy because we, the only group that only sisters and we managed to get the top in time!!!

We go down to our camp site at about 12 pm and we have to cook for the other 7 groups...after having our lunch, forward to the beach for our canoe this stage, we being force to the sea with life jacket...for me, this is my weakness where I cannot swim and having phobia or trauma being in the water...serious speaking, I don’t have any confident and afraid of sea (even my star is Pisces), canoe session-where we have conducting rafting at the centre of the sea...after 4 hours at the sea, we heading back to our camp site preparing dinner.

Sunday (17th August 2008)-9.00 am-where we have our light exercise before continuing our last session which is rope management and mini survival...rope management consist of abseiling and mini survival is about how to do fire craft with sticks and also water craft- how to filter water so that we can obtain purified water at the jungle...About 5.30 pm, we're heading back to our campus.


Unknown said...

pergh, mg dasat activity die..hoho..smpi saket2 badan..akaka

bubblediana said...

hmmm..abg memang tawww

hUmmY said...


kau g camping?

cam nak cirit aku bace!


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