Friday, January 5, 2018

Blog and Some Bubbling

"When you're certain at age like me and you had years neglected blogging stuff, it seems like you need some amount brain space to digest back on writing, good emotion and spirit. "

Quoted by bubblediana

Oh Hello to 2018! I hope I'm not that too late to say hello to this wonderful year (I really hope this will be my wonderful year). Like every year, my Facebook & Instagram friends are excited posting on their goals to achieve in their own life, for example, getting fit & fabulous, eat healthy foods and so on. Yes, I got mine too and what I'm forced myself for this year are getting rich, good health, maintaining my body weight except when pregnant (or perhaps yeah, still in good shape mommy) and hope that I can fill in my 22k gold bangle with 8 total of charms. Oh my, I'm getting excited when I start thinking of my lookalike Pandora. Should I keep repeating it on next paragraph? Yes, okay!

My 2017 (sweet and sour year) begin with my miscarriage at 7 weeks of pregnancy, when started on my confinement, I had a long cough and flu. I tried all natural remedies and modern, it took over 3 months to recovered. Sadness on miscarriage issue? Yes, still upset because it was our first baby and after 6 years of marriage. I tried to shred away sadness by losing weight and keep healthy and by saying that unlucky me, I got suddenly gastric attack. It was so painful (had gastric before this but this time I can't hold it) and I need on medicine for 4 months! Endoscopy was done and it was a nightmare -- I can see the camera goes inside clearly and it's using only spray to make your throat numb. The only advice is make sure control your food intake and don't skip your 5 times daily eating habit. Because of that gastric, my weight for 2017:

Pregnancy: 67kg (waist:31 inch)
Confinement: 62kg
Start focus on exercise: 60kg
Gastric: 58kg
End of dec: 51kg (waist: 27/28 inch)

Yes, I know some of you might think that it was a good and bad of gastric. Hope this year my whole life is in a great health and I don't want any health problems - getting tired already. 

Most great achievement in 2017 other than I knew I can pregnant like others was I'm able to buy my own gold Pandora lookalike. I really want a genuine Pandora collection but here, the price is expensive for me and some of it, I can managed to get 2 of approx 0.80gm 22k gold charms. The main reason I'm following my heart to buy is because my bracelet was one of its joint is broken. So, I want to trade in (if gold price is within my range) and buy a new one which is the bangle. Even though there wasn't have Pandora yet, I still love classic bangle but I can't afford it (approx 20gm). What I do to get my hands on my target? I just keep eyeing on several shops if they would having sale or price per gram is lower than big brand of gold shops and at the same time, I keep pile up my saving. One day, there're a shop near my husband's work location was having anniversary sale for all golds item which if I trade in my old bracelet, the price is still same as per new one; which means with 0% depreciation. Cool enough right? So, I encouraged my husband to go there and got mine a new bangle. Love it! Then, my most exciting journey began where I can collecting cute & sweet charms and now, I have been collecting 7 charms and because of that too, I've meet & share on chams with my long not seen course mate and we had to agree that we'd finally have our own favourite store for charms (members got discount for every 1gm of 22k gold).

my achievement for 2017

Another great that I had on 2017, we have 3 kittens and will getting another kitten/s in the year of 2018. One of my kittens got pregnant at the age of 6 months. At first, we would like to get her on 2nd dosage of vaccines, deworm, solution on her ear mites but then the doctor ask us if she's having on heat period and so on. We nodded that she's in that period and suddenly, the doctor congratulate us after checking her womb. Mommy is a kitten will having a newborn and on our good side is we will prolonged kitten food for another year!
meet & greet session

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