Monday, January 29, 2018

Hobby, Influence and I

" Sometimes, a hobby will make us a good friend "

- bubblediana -

It's a fact that woman and quick respond on friends' influence sometimes can't be resist. For example, myself and I admit that I sometimes go with the trend. Years back when I was working in a company and at same time, there's tremendous trend on hijab (cover Muslim head). you just named style/material that you want - instant, semi instant, silk shawl, cotton etc and you can see popular boutiques competing to have a great sale in a month.

The campaign (website, photograph, price, material) and using artist/ cute personality model were successful; most of collection batch was sold out in one day publish in website. My first brand and the only brand that I managed to collect more than 10 scarfs was Sugarscarf. I start bought one scarf and I'm quite impressed because it meet to my expectation - comfortable and fashionable. Eager to get more colour and previous collection so I decide to join groups at facebook 😱. My sisters told me that my scarf catch their attention so I influenced them to bought one and they did. See how woman is easily to get influence? At that time, it was so popular and I'd told you before, it sold out quickly on website - another way to grab them, users can used personal shopper (PS) because they can buy it in a bulk at boutique. Women have lot of strategies on shopping and that's a fact number 2.

After about a year or less, I think I don't have any preference to collect anything but it came back when there's a season of makeup artist/ skincare/makeup brands/ tutorials at facebook and instagram.  You know, from daily routine to check on tutorial what MUA used for makeup and have friends who are makeup enthusiast can make you buy it even 1 item. From tutorial also, I do know difference between drugstore products and high end, why people love Sephora so much and makeup sales. I'm a lazy type of person when into makeup so you can expect what happened to my collection.

As for now, I think that my collection habit divert to Pandora in 22k gold version and hope that if I can buy 1 collection of 925 Pandora too after I saw it was silvery beautiful in real at someone's wrist. Because of my new goal, I already joined several group on both version even now I'm signing on Telegram just for my incoming collection (if you're asking how do I follow trend) and because of it too, now, I'm not alone, succeed grabbing a socmed friend (I've never see her face to face yet and we only share our interest by chatting) to join my new route to a bling- bling world. There's a quote that when you find something that is beautiful, you need to share it but not to keep it by yourself because it is a good deed - so in my case, I think it is a good deed because metaphor for jewelry is if a woman wears one automatically it'll increase confidence level.

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