Thursday, February 8, 2018

A matter of fact

" Denial can vibe positive attitude and thus, increase happy hormone "

- bubblediana -

I guess I'm in denial mode for last 2 weeks.
A fact is a fact but it doesn't mean it'll leave in as a final?
So I think I might have a slight win for this time.
In the end, yes, that fact win!
Nevermind, I'll keep trying.
Stress level is up and now, I feel like to go shopping!
But I guess I have to ignore that spending stress feeling because I have to spend more on April.

P/s:- Even not in stress, I love shopping.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hobby, Influence and I

" Sometimes, a hobby will make us a good friend "

- bubblediana -

It's a fact that woman and quick respond on friends' influence sometimes can't be resist. For example, myself and I admit that I sometimes go with the trend. Years back when I was working in a company and at same time, there's tremendous trend on hijab (cover Muslim head). you just named style/material that you want - instant, semi instant, silk shawl, cotton etc and you can see popular boutiques competing to have a great sale in a month.

The campaign (website, photograph, price, material) and using artist/ cute personality model were successful; most of collection batch was sold out in one day publish in website. My first brand and the only brand that I managed to collect more than 10 scarfs was Sugarscarf. I start bought one scarf and I'm quite impressed because it meet to my expectation - comfortable and fashionable. Eager to get more colour and previous collection so I decide to join groups at facebook 😱. My sisters told me that my scarf catch their attention so I influenced them to bought one and they did. See how woman is easily to get influence? At that time, it was so popular and I'd told you before, it sold out quickly on website - another way to grab them, users can used personal shopper (PS) because they can buy it in a bulk at boutique. Women have lot of strategies on shopping and that's a fact number 2.

After about a year or less, I think I don't have any preference to collect anything but it came back when there's a season of makeup artist/ skincare/makeup brands/ tutorials at facebook and instagram.  You know, from daily routine to check on tutorial what MUA used for makeup and have friends who are makeup enthusiast can make you buy it even 1 item. From tutorial also, I do know difference between drugstore products and high end, why people love Sephora so much and makeup sales. I'm a lazy type of person when into makeup so you can expect what happened to my collection.

As for now, I think that my collection habit divert to Pandora in 22k gold version and hope that if I can buy 1 collection of 925 Pandora too after I saw it was silvery beautiful in real at someone's wrist. Because of my new goal, I already joined several group on both version even now I'm signing on Telegram just for my incoming collection (if you're asking how do I follow trend) and because of it too, now, I'm not alone, succeed grabbing a socmed friend (I've never see her face to face yet and we only share our interest by chatting) to join my new route to a bling- bling world. There's a quote that when you find something that is beautiful, you need to share it but not to keep it by yourself because it is a good deed - so in my case, I think it is a good deed because metaphor for jewelry is if a woman wears one automatically it'll increase confidence level.

Friday, January 26, 2018

A piece of mind

" To my dearest, Freddy the cat"


My January 2018 began with my sister accidentally hit Freddy (my domestic cat) and it was too bad. My sister told my husband because she's scared to tell me the truth. She texted me after I knew from my husband and she told that he's not worst so I trust her until I saw freddy with my own eyes. She sent him at specialist veterinary clinic and agreed to bare the cost. From diagnosed, his leg bone cracked. At first, doctor told my sister, he can be saved because he will do some operation to insert stainless steel support at his back leg (cost about RM 700). After two days, my husband and I pay him a visit and if nothing wrong, we'll ask the doctor to discharged him but in a worry voice tone, the doctor told us something wrong with his urethra. He can't urinate and his abdomen look swollen. The best is to do another operation for temporary urine bag & piping; the cost for this operation about RM 350. So we agreed, all just for Freddy. He goes for another operation and live at clinic for about 10 days. Doctor called and see if we can take care by ourselves. We go there and see too many stitches, so sad to see Freddy like that. Doctor confront us that he had done his best to save Freddy and now hoping Freddy will survived. In a sad tone, he said that now we need to pray so that all went well and just be prepared if he's not in a common behavior. Then, he told us that he can gave Freddy an injection to let him die in instance but he would like to save them first. Furthermore, we need to go back to clinic in another two weeks because he need to undergo another surgery to remove the stainless steel pin on his leg and temporary piping.

We brought him home and gave him water and food. He didn't touch his food (kibbles) so I bought wet food but still he didn't ate any. My instinct? I knew he'll die in maybe few days if he continue like this. He suddenly mourned because of pain and he breathe heavily. Who is on earth can bare two surgeries in a gap of 3 days? I pat him as much as I can that night and he's looking at me. My husband told me that he dreamed Freddy can walk as usual and running around with Frodo and Noni (our others cat). After hearing my husband story, my instinct grew to check him at once.

I called his name many times but no sign.

I wake my husband and told our Freddy is dead.

Friday, January 12, 2018

My favourite fitness apps

" I love to be in ideal weight but sometimes too lazy to exercise. Human's problem"

- bubblediana -

Good day everyone.
It's rainy today here in my place and so I'm not in the mood to do some calculation but have mood in writing. Yes, my background of expertise is to calculate materials used in one building, so, I need to be focus once I start to measure and if I don't, I make plenty of mistake.

Today, I'll be writing about my companion on my 7 years ideal weight. Why 7 years? Because I'm ignoring my fatty ( smile when people told I'm fat) and my enemy was always thought that I still not in overweight scale. I knew my weight when I went for pregnancy check up and oh girl, I've been in 67kg at that time. Nurse told me control my food intake, ideal increment 0.50kg only per month and none was true about,"You're eating for two- go ahead eat more than usual". Duhhhh~

Even though confinement for miscarriage is not like labor, I still follow traditional remedies because I don't get any antibiotics or any supplement from hospital. Thanks to my dad, mom and sister pampering me for 44 days of confinement. This is the time, I lose my weight and motivated to take down another 10kg so I can get my ideal weight. So, I start eyeing on how to lose weight more.

I took several fitness apps at Play Store and asked my friends what they used for running. After several test usually my test on accuracy of gps and steps, I know my best friend when take it for walking. The only matter swhen you used phone as your device and not like fitness tracker etc, it's heavy in pocket and 70% percent you might dropping it. Still, I don't care and to buy a tracker, it'll cost me (not very cheap here) thus I've put my budget on new good running shoe and attire. Maybe later I can grab myself a good fitness tracker band/watch. I need to create another saving just for that.

Fitness app that I loved:

1. Pacer
It's easy to check our steps, log in your target weight (detect how many weeks to achieve from data you add), can used GPS (make sure on your location) and we can add group and friends if we want by adding their Pacer ID. Other than that, we can collect our monthly badge if we join Pacer challenge. For me, I had two badges right now for completing last year challenge. It's fun as we can see all over world participating challenges. Some of data is lock and you need to pay per month/year to get it full version. Me? I just used basic version so no need to buy in full.

2. Fitso
I like this one because it have calories count per day and it can count most of Malaysian food. As for tracker, it's good and easy same as Pacer so I turned them on. In terms of accuracy, it's depending on how much faster app respond when running because sometime there's slight differ on map. Like Pacer or any other app, if you subscribe additional version, you can get your personal trainer online.

I'm a slow runner!
Imagine 7 years with no proper running method and suddenly you're an enthusiast? I agreed on light exercise method but will gain energy other day. First and foremost, I start by walking so I can get my pace and my muscle are ready for jogging. I've trained at hill road (my housing area) about 1-2km for first 2 weeks approx then it keep rising until 7-8km - oh yes, definitely I passed by same neighborhood about 2-3 times to get that 7km. Key to get 7km? This is when I'm happy using app and see my GPS track on my phone and it kept my total data on walking/jogging. After I got familiar on my route and I think I'm ready to have jogging, I try it slowly - it's not easy to jog on hill area - so tired but outcome is priceless. It's the best if you can tag along friends too! I choose my husband to be my road to slim friend and I'm glad to have a great supporter.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Blog and Some Bubbling

"When you're certain at age like me and you had years neglected blogging stuff, it seems like you need some amount brain space to digest back on writing, good emotion and spirit. "

Quoted by bubblediana

Oh Hello to 2018! I hope I'm not that too late to say hello to this wonderful year (I really hope this will be my wonderful year). Like every year, my Facebook & Instagram friends are excited posting on their goals to achieve in their own life, for example, getting fit & fabulous, eat healthy foods and so on. Yes, I got mine too and what I'm forced myself for this year are getting rich, good health, maintaining my body weight except when pregnant (or perhaps yeah, still in good shape mommy) and hope that I can fill in my 22k gold bangle with 8 total of charms. Oh my, I'm getting excited when I start thinking of my lookalike Pandora. Should I keep repeating it on next paragraph? Yes, okay!

My 2017 (sweet and sour year) begin with my miscarriage at 7 weeks of pregnancy, when started on my confinement, I had a long cough and flu. I tried all natural remedies and modern, it took over 3 months to recovered. Sadness on miscarriage issue? Yes, still upset because it was our first baby and after 6 years of marriage. I tried to shred away sadness by losing weight and keep healthy and by saying that unlucky me, I got suddenly gastric attack. It was so painful (had gastric before this but this time I can't hold it) and I need on medicine for 4 months! Endoscopy was done and it was a nightmare -- I can see the camera goes inside clearly and it's using only spray to make your throat numb. The only advice is make sure control your food intake and don't skip your 5 times daily eating habit. Because of that gastric, my weight for 2017:

Pregnancy: 67kg (waist:31 inch)
Confinement: 62kg
Start focus on exercise: 60kg
Gastric: 58kg
End of dec: 51kg (waist: 27/28 inch)

Yes, I know some of you might think that it was a good and bad of gastric. Hope this year my whole life is in a great health and I don't want any health problems - getting tired already. 

Most great achievement in 2017 other than I knew I can pregnant like others was I'm able to buy my own gold Pandora lookalike. I really want a genuine Pandora collection but here, the price is expensive for me and some of it, I can managed to get 2 of approx 0.80gm 22k gold charms. The main reason I'm following my heart to buy is because my bracelet was one of its joint is broken. So, I want to trade in (if gold price is within my range) and buy a new one which is the bangle. Even though there wasn't have Pandora yet, I still love classic bangle but I can't afford it (approx 20gm). What I do to get my hands on my target? I just keep eyeing on several shops if they would having sale or price per gram is lower than big brand of gold shops and at the same time, I keep pile up my saving. One day, there're a shop near my husband's work location was having anniversary sale for all golds item which if I trade in my old bracelet, the price is still same as per new one; which means with 0% depreciation. Cool enough right? So, I encouraged my husband to go there and got mine a new bangle. Love it! Then, my most exciting journey began where I can collecting cute & sweet charms and now, I have been collecting 7 charms and because of that too, I've meet & share on chams with my long not seen course mate and we had to agree that we'd finally have our own favourite store for charms (members got discount for every 1gm of 22k gold).

my achievement for 2017

Another great that I had on 2017, we have 3 kittens and will getting another kitten/s in the year of 2018. One of my kittens got pregnant at the age of 6 months. At first, we would like to get her on 2nd dosage of vaccines, deworm, solution on her ear mites but then the doctor ask us if she's having on heat period and so on. We nodded that she's in that period and suddenly, the doctor congratulate us after checking her womb. Mommy is a kitten will having a newborn and on our good side is we will prolonged kitten food for another year!
meet & greet session

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Throwback 9 years ago: Camping at Teluk Muroh, Lumut, Perak

Last Friday (15th August 2008), the date where I went for IIUM recreation club's practical outing. ..The destination for second level of recreation club is Teluk Muroh, Perak... The distance would be 6.5km from Kuala Lumpur...Teluk Muroh or Teluk Batik is the place where suitable for jungle trekking and water maniac lover. We depart at 12.00 am after loading our belongings and also foods for our 2 days and 1 night there...Things that really important to bring for this camping would be torch light, compass, knife, good shoes and lots of mineral water.

Saturday (16th August 2008), we arrived at Teluk Muroh about 5.30 am...we were really tired when we reach there, now we have to force ourselves to start walking into the jungle...The place that we heading are Tropical Challenge, Hutan Rizab Teluk Muroh...its about 160metres from water...we unloading our things and because of darkness, we have to be very careful where we have to carry down our things...then we're having our briefing by trainers and divided to camp site. We're so tired and take rest for a while before starting our activities for today.

At 7.30am we wake up and having our breakfast and we starts our first tentative- jungle trekking at 8.30am. My group consists of 7 girls, 6 Malaysian and 1 from Bosnian...we start our trekking by following the water sources flow...our task is getting to the peak 300m from water to pick for the first checkpoint and getting down to the 160m before climbing again to the 300m for our next check point. because of wetness and leaves, we have difficulty in reaching to the highest peak...the most difficulty moment is when we have to hike 60 degrees steep...we have been climbing for 2 hours to get our the second peak, the trainer in-charge told us that we are the first group that reach at the top...we were very happy because we, the only group that only sisters and we managed to get the top in time!!!

We go down to our camp site at about 12 pm and we have to cook for the other 7 groups...after having our lunch, forward to the beach for our canoe this stage, we being force to the sea with life jacket...for me, this is my weakness where I cannot swim and having phobia or trauma being in the water...serious speaking, I don’t have any confident and afraid of sea (even my star is Pisces), canoe session-where we have conducting rafting at the centre of the sea...after 4 hours at the sea, we heading back to our camp site preparing dinner.

Sunday (17th August 2008)-9.00 am-where we have our light exercise before continuing our last session which is rope management and mini survival...rope management consist of abseiling and mini survival is about how to do fire craft with sticks and also water craft- how to filter water so that we can obtain purified water at the jungle...About 5.30 pm, we're heading back to our campus.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Less Knead Doughnut

Unusual of me is making something that I was awful like bread, doughnut. I wasn't really good in kneading the dough and anything related to yeast because I have weak hands (most probably I don't like to wait- time consuming LOL). One fine day, I want to eat doughnut and after eyeing on a cooking group in facebook plus a recommendation of using this recipe by a friend, so, I courage myself to do it by hook or by crook. As you can see picture above, that is the outcome. It's soft, full of flavour and I'll show you another picture on how I eat this doughnut. 

Less Knead Doughnut


3 cups of All purpose flour ( Popular brand in Malaysia: Sauh)
1 packet of Dry yeast (mauripan)
1 cup of Warm Water
2 tbsp of Sugar
2 tbsp of Condensed milk
Pinch of Salt
2 tbsp of Margerine


1. In a bowl, put dry yeast, condensed milk, sugar and warm water. Mix it and put it aside in 5- 10 minutes depending on your kitchen temperature so the yeast can be rises.
2. Take another bigger bowl, gather the flour, margerine and pinch of salt. Mix it.
3. Take the yeast and pour in mixture of flour. Mix it and knead it for awhile and if too watery, add flour. The mixture is sticky - maybe of using condensed milk but it's ok. Put a clean slightly wet cloth on top of the dough or spray little bit of water then put the cloth. Let it rise about 40 minutes.
4, The dough will be 2 times bigger than before. Punch the dough to let out the air, knead it and roll it. You may use doughnut cutter or any cute cutter. Put them aside and let it rise before fry.
5. We Malaysian love to coat doughnut with caster sugar or for dip it into spicy anchovies sambal.

Spicy Anchovies Sambal


1 cup of Blended dry chilies (make sure the chilies is spicy or you can buy ready made blended chilies)
1/2 or 1 cup of chopped Red Onion (depends)
1 cup of Fried Anchovies
3-4 slice of Ginger
2-3 cloves of sliced Garlic
A pinch of Salt (if your anchovies is already salty, prefer not to add salt)
1 tbsp of Sugar (depends on how you like your sambal)
Half of Tamarind Peel


1. Pour oil into your pan and when it is ready, pour the blended dry chilies. Stir it until you can see the chilies change colour a bit. Put garlic, ginger, anchovies and stir it again.
2. Put tamarind peel, sugar and red onion and stir them well. Your sambal is ready to eat.

My other preference topping on doughnut

I never try this out eating my doughnut but I must say this, it's tasty. 
I use blackcurrant & peanut butter jam as topping to my doughnut.
On a cooking group, they put chocolate chips/ cheese inside the doughnut so when you fry them, the chocolate will run into your mouth.

Love 💓💓💓,
diana the food lover

A matter of fact

" Denial can vibe positive attitude and thus, increase happy hormone " - bubblediana - I guess I'm in denial mode for l...