Friday, January 26, 2018

A piece of mind

" To my dearest, Freddy the cat"


My January 2018 began with my sister accidentally hit Freddy (my domestic cat) and it was too bad. My sister told my husband because she's scared to tell me the truth. She texted me after I knew from my husband and she told that he's not worst so I trust her until I saw freddy with my own eyes. She sent him at specialist veterinary clinic and agreed to bare the cost. From diagnosed, his leg bone cracked. At first, doctor told my sister, he can be saved because he will do some operation to insert stainless steel support at his back leg (cost about RM 700). After two days, my husband and I pay him a visit and if nothing wrong, we'll ask the doctor to discharged him but in a worry voice tone, the doctor told us something wrong with his urethra. He can't urinate and his abdomen look swollen. The best is to do another operation for temporary urine bag & piping; the cost for this operation about RM 350. So we agreed, all just for Freddy. He goes for another operation and live at clinic for about 10 days. Doctor called and see if we can take care by ourselves. We go there and see too many stitches, so sad to see Freddy like that. Doctor confront us that he had done his best to save Freddy and now hoping Freddy will survived. In a sad tone, he said that now we need to pray so that all went well and just be prepared if he's not in a common behavior. Then, he told us that he can gave Freddy an injection to let him die in instance but he would like to save them first. Furthermore, we need to go back to clinic in another two weeks because he need to undergo another surgery to remove the stainless steel pin on his leg and temporary piping.

We brought him home and gave him water and food. He didn't touch his food (kibbles) so I bought wet food but still he didn't ate any. My instinct? I knew he'll die in maybe few days if he continue like this. He suddenly mourned because of pain and he breathe heavily. Who is on earth can bare two surgeries in a gap of 3 days? I pat him as much as I can that night and he's looking at me. My husband told me that he dreamed Freddy can walk as usual and running around with Frodo and Noni (our others cat). After hearing my husband story, my instinct grew to check him at once.

I called his name many times but no sign.

I wake my husband and told our Freddy is dead.

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