Friday, January 12, 2018

My favourite fitness apps

" I love to be in ideal weight but sometimes too lazy to exercise. Human's problem"

- bubblediana -

Good day everyone.
It's rainy today here in my place and so I'm not in the mood to do some calculation but have mood in writing. Yes, my background of expertise is to calculate materials used in one building, so, I need to be focus once I start to measure and if I don't, I make plenty of mistake.

Today, I'll be writing about my companion on my 7 years ideal weight. Why 7 years? Because I'm ignoring my fatty ( smile when people told I'm fat) and my enemy was always thought that I still not in overweight scale. I knew my weight when I went for pregnancy check up and oh girl, I've been in 67kg at that time. Nurse told me control my food intake, ideal increment 0.50kg only per month and none was true about,"You're eating for two- go ahead eat more than usual". Duhhhh~

Even though confinement for miscarriage is not like labor, I still follow traditional remedies because I don't get any antibiotics or any supplement from hospital. Thanks to my dad, mom and sister pampering me for 44 days of confinement. This is the time, I lose my weight and motivated to take down another 10kg so I can get my ideal weight. So, I start eyeing on how to lose weight more.

I took several fitness apps at Play Store and asked my friends what they used for running. After several test usually my test on accuracy of gps and steps, I know my best friend when take it for walking. The only matter swhen you used phone as your device and not like fitness tracker etc, it's heavy in pocket and 70% percent you might dropping it. Still, I don't care and to buy a tracker, it'll cost me (not very cheap here) thus I've put my budget on new good running shoe and attire. Maybe later I can grab myself a good fitness tracker band/watch. I need to create another saving just for that.

Fitness app that I loved:

1. Pacer
It's easy to check our steps, log in your target weight (detect how many weeks to achieve from data you add), can used GPS (make sure on your location) and we can add group and friends if we want by adding their Pacer ID. Other than that, we can collect our monthly badge if we join Pacer challenge. For me, I had two badges right now for completing last year challenge. It's fun as we can see all over world participating challenges. Some of data is lock and you need to pay per month/year to get it full version. Me? I just used basic version so no need to buy in full.

2. Fitso
I like this one because it have calories count per day and it can count most of Malaysian food. As for tracker, it's good and easy same as Pacer so I turned them on. In terms of accuracy, it's depending on how much faster app respond when running because sometime there's slight differ on map. Like Pacer or any other app, if you subscribe additional version, you can get your personal trainer online.

I'm a slow runner!
Imagine 7 years with no proper running method and suddenly you're an enthusiast? I agreed on light exercise method but will gain energy other day. First and foremost, I start by walking so I can get my pace and my muscle are ready for jogging. I've trained at hill road (my housing area) about 1-2km for first 2 weeks approx then it keep rising until 7-8km - oh yes, definitely I passed by same neighborhood about 2-3 times to get that 7km. Key to get 7km? This is when I'm happy using app and see my GPS track on my phone and it kept my total data on walking/jogging. After I got familiar on my route and I think I'm ready to have jogging, I try it slowly - it's not easy to jog on hill area - so tired but outcome is priceless. It's the best if you can tag along friends too! I choose my husband to be my road to slim friend and I'm glad to have a great supporter.

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